One of the Many Firsts.

They say Thomas Edison slogged a thousand times before inventing the bulb. It’s a different story that it was a copied idea, but then kudos to his PR team. Here’s a cheer to all those people who were determined to start their own blogs and watch it ring all the cash registers. Let’s face it. The litany of watching every country bumpkin write and call themself a blogger was one of the most demotivating aspects that made me give up the idea of writing. Speaking of shame makes me recount my previous blog which had some pretty good stench of an adulting young boy who was in fierce belief of changing the world with his unasked opinions. I was going through my own content and figured how criticizing someone made me feel funny and superior. Something I would not do or appreciate today. Opinions are more dangerous than nuclear bombs. They must be put forth with a 5 step authentication in your own head before projecting them to anyone. Especially the fairer sex. A lot has changed in yours truly from the last time I wrote. The earlier me aggressively championed certain causes that concerned about social issues, societal injustice and violence. Now, they have become secondary as my prime focus today is to sensitize dear readers on basic civic sense. Yes one must definitely speak against some unexplainable norms, but how can you accept that while walking your dog outside the house to excrete in the open? ( Some humans too) The earlier writer felt a great deal of sympathy for the Kashmiri crowd, even writing a poem or two to highlight their plight. Now, I have been stoned by the very commoners by virtue of my job. It doesn’t mean that I have developed a hatred for them. Their anger doesn’t intimidate me, but good luck getting another heart wrenching stanza from me on your plight .Haha.

Military training doesn’t change you into a different person but probably adds a filter to your mind on assimilating your response towards certain stimuli. The saddening change post training has only been my ever increasing devotion to sleep. There were days when I could devour an entire 300 pager in a day. Now the idea of turning a page, motivates the slumber gods to put me down like a retriever in a kennel on a lazy sunday. So what gave birth to this one of the many first posts? In all honesty, it was an excuse to not join my friends for another round of swimming in the gorgeous Gokarna waters which I am starting to love. The place has started to make sense only on the second night, once you get familiar with what the surroundings have to offer. Last 30 hours have been the laziest hours of my life this year and I couldn’t be more happier. Love from the Oasis to you all. Yours truly

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