How to be a Fantastic Customer?

“People are such idiots. They will read everything highlighted in inverted commas like its a fucking postulate.”

I put the line above in inverted commas to state the unspoken truth. That people are idiots.

I was at Barbecue Nation last night and was bowled over by their fantastic customer service at Vizag. TBH (OMG I can’t believe I finally used this term), it was my first time at a Barbecue Nation and I really wanted to know what the fuss was all about and that’s why I went there, which was also amplified by my extreme hunger and lack of decisiveness of two useless sisters for a decent dinner suggestion.


So we were escorted to our tables, and our welcome drinks arrived much later, while we were busy devouring the meat. Yet, we overlooked everything because we really liked the polite attitude of the boy ‘Suman’ who was hell keen on us trying some more starters. Yes the realistic mindset made me want to assume the worst of him and think that this is what people do in order to get the behavior reciprocated in their tips. I was later shocked to learn that the people there did not accept tips, and hence his niceness made me want to make him the hero of my story. Now hotel and hospitality regulars like my sister may say that it is all a part of their job and that all this behavior is rewarded and yadayadayada, but then this is my blog. I paid for it and everything. So,all hail my main man Suman, the super man.

I quietly observed the table adjacent to mine, a habit that comes out of living in a town like mine, where everyone knows everyone. If not by a first name basis, than on a familiar car number plate basis. So these table neighbours gave our hero Suman a really hard time. They had the most undermining tone and verbally insulted him (ok I am exaggerating) for slow service, which was not a surprise considering the fact that every bastard customer celebrated their birthday there which resulted in periodic dancing of the staff, every now and then. These things look nice in a club or a resto bar, but at a place where food is the crux of the place, dancing staff should be super strict no. It is such a copied idea. How sexist are we, if we ban bar dancers and yet encourage this family validated experience?

So Suman did whatever he could do bring their food on time, which sort of ran on a parallel speed to our own orders as the starter food is of the same quantity and assortment. I strongly felt a need to address this issue that has been bothering me since then. We focus so hard on wanting an excellent service, but are we any good customers? Does the monetary superiority of paying for service entitle people to behave like morons? Yes we would probably say no. Here is some unasked advice for every noob out there who doesn’t do it out choice but lack of knowledge.

  1. All service establishments have something called the right to admission. They can choose to kick you out if they don’t like you. So don’t walk in their like they owe your grandpop a share of their will.
  2. It is okay for stewards to screw up. They don’t do things on purpose. If you disagree with the staff or feel like you have been let down, do it politely or request for the manager with a smile on your face. There is absolutely no need to raise your temperament like a cocky rectum acting up.
  3. Be thankful and show gratitude on your face and let the staff know that you encourage them to do better. If you find someone new on the job, then might as well help them and give them a chance to be better at it by suggesting stuff to them. Otherwise they’ll develop into a people hating mongrel and take their frustration out on their families or friends at home.
  4. Try calling the staff with their name. I judge people on the basis of how they speak to staff in a restaurant. Hell yes it should be a benchmark to decide a date.
  5. Thank yous are free. It doesn’t hurt to thank people for their service, even if you are paying for it. It could be a secretive thank you that they did not spit in your food. I would if I was ever a waiter.

The hospitality industry is not a glamorous affair. A lot of effort goes behind setting up an establishment early in the morning and then shutting shop preparing for the next day and also pretending like nothing happened.

The least we as customers can do is, make someone feel better. If not in a restaurant, then atleast do it outside. It’s a beautiful addictive feeling. Nice people are the most selfish. They are nice all the time because it makes them feel better.

Try it.

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