Last night home

I left home 5 years ago, and have been back 5 times,

With no recollection of the escapades of each time,

Yet I never forget, the 5 nights like a eidetic charm

The last night of each time.

The last night brings a plethora of guilt

Riddled with bullets of emotional doubt

Could I have been more vocal on the table?

Maybe a little more could have been said before the old man called it a night

Mother helps me fold the fallen tee-shirt

Her tone hinting anxiety for my future

I have memorized the contours of her forehead, to keep me in spirits for a later time

Father shuts his bedroom door

Perhaps disappointed at how we appreciate silences

My presence is yet an unfinished limerick,

Like a muddlehead waiting in despair

Nothing changed in the 5 times,

My vow to be home intact

The guilt and homesickness remain the same

Each time promising to be the last

There are unchained emotions kissing my country mouth

To get me to come home soon

For if you were in my place

Wouldn’t you do that too?

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