Why do people love Apple Products?

Consider Apple the fruit. It looks so grab worthy and delicious. Yet most of us get bored of it after 7 big bites and are obligated to finish it because our brown moms would chase us till they were appropriately satisfied. An Apple today (of some departmental sticker store kind) wouldn’t cost less than INR 120, which in most middle class Indian households is worth a college fee according to some grandparents.

Steve Jobs realised the value of this wretched fruit when he came to India for enlightenment when he saw middle aged adults belted for wasting it. He booked himself on the first flight out from the country and went back to start, what would become one of the most successful tech companies in the world, working on the same principle, i.e make something like this fruit, that people would just be waiting to grab, that once purchased would bring the wrath of the parents to completely utilise and often cause the buyer’s s remorse and yet continue to make it to the top favourites every time someone asked what they’d prefer to purchase.

Now I don’t say that Apple is a bad brand. Heck I just bought one for myself yesterday. This post is the first on my new MacBook Pro. Yet it is hard not to notice these things. So here’s what I discovered now that I’m on the other side.

All the Apple fanboys and fangirls are lying when they say that the Apple IS THE BEST and THE MOST CONVENIENT thing that they’ve ever used. Apple makes its users choose between their favourite eye and foot. Every aspect of this system has compromise written all over it. Even the top notch models lack certain unavoidable things that continue to be relevant to the average Indian windows consumer. I guess it makes an Apple user mentally stronger to be able to choose a favourite parent or kid.

Then why are people continuing to buy this brand?

Apple is the Karan Johar of computers. It does not allow outsiders to come and be compatible with any of its kind. The Kangana Ranaut type softwares that have certain airs about their commercial viability find no relevance in the Apple OS. You’ll never find an outsider software or hardware come and make a mark. It’s lack of compatibility with remotely anything makes it hang proof and mostly virus safe. You can’t give it any indie cred by letting it mix with the lower masses. This gives Apple a much needed longevity in today’s world. The lehenga worn by Apple is Manish Malhotra made. The computer goes to London for MBA for parampara rather than viability.

Apple does not make it’s owner look rich. It makes the rest of the world look poorer. A Bill Gates working on an expensive Windows 10 looks like he is calculating the number of EMIs left on his second hand Hero Honda Splendor Plus NXG. An Apple owner on the other hand, no matter how poor and debt ridden can be mistaken for the owner of a wrongly parked BMW outside a cafe.

Why did I buy this mean machine?

Oh it is the best brand in the world, it is so fast and smooth and the interface is ………It is not a love story, but a SAGA……πŸ˜‡πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ

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