Rated ‘Most Handsome’ for the twenty fifth year in a row, by his mom, Krishna is an ordinary guy, who just as everyone else, thinks he is the Alpha and the Omega of his universe.

In all honesty, he quite hasn’t managed to put a finger at who he really is and after a point of time has stopped trying. This portal is his way of winning arguments he practices in his shower but never says. A get away world where he is the highest run getter in ODI cricket and the consecutive winner of the GQ “Sexiest Man to walk on Earth”.

This portal is strictly personal and doesn’t care if harms anyone’s sentiments.

Krishna is a really busy man and replies to fan mail only worded by feminine sounding user ids.

Do not look to finding any pragmatic arguments with this portal as everything said here is to be taken with a pinch of salt, just like in life.

This blog is a polished version of a typical South Indian flick, where nothing is questioned. So keep your opinions to yourself.

Krishna loves you all.

Live long and prosper. Or not. No pressure.